Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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what is that?
plane trail gone pink from the sunset. cool ya?
hey tish. wicked stuff.
love the robotic rainbow.
u know the pic of the trees in penang or sumth u snet me?
well ull b plsedd to know (or not)
that im currently working on it right now and its turning out really kau nicely.
kinda like a grid/colage or differnt areas of the pic have differnt tones textures, angles and perspective. shit like that.
sorry i bore you.
im easily amused.
hope u din good tish.
im goann pillage ur blog lagi.
muax. take care
thanks ping. glad ur doing some good with the pics, gotta show me some of the finished products ya?

until then, pillage away :]
the pink trail is meeeeeee
Whizzing through the skyYyyyyyyeee~!
Best regards from NY! film editing classes
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